Episode 4

5.4 5 Tips For Self-Improvement

Published on: 28th February, 2023

Happy Last Day of February!! Can you believe we made it to the end of the month? Join me as I share 5 Tips for Self-Improvement! Sometimes we don't see the ups or downs for self-improvement. I hope with today's episode you will see what and how much you can improve and become your true self.

Thanks to the blog that I found by Maggie Wooll that I gained this knowledge.


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I have always had a passion to help others around me for as long as I can remember. I am here to help you as my friends, subscribers, and followers. This podcast is about me sharing how to help you have more positive motivation in your life and self improvement.
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JB Motivating From The 5280 Podcast is about me, Jonathan Barbe, living in the Mile High City, sharing my thoughts and opinions on positive motivation and self-improvement from my home in Denver, Colorado.